Autumn Whispers

"Autumn Whispers, a lyrical rock band with progressive and classical elements in their music"


Autumn Whispers in 2002, Dino and Tirill posing under a tree not far from the place where the albums were recorded

Autumn Whispers in 2014, during the photo session for Cry of Dereliction Vol.II


Autumn Whispers in 2011



Autumn Whispers were formed in 2002 by songwriter- guitarplayer Dino Steffens. The band sought its sound througt different line ups, and had for some period of time the stable form of a duet, in collaboration with Tirill Mohn. AW performed and recorded demos continously until 2005, when keyboardist Liew Ceng Teng joined the band. The trio performed live at music venues in the Oslo area, along with drummer Nick Jones and bass player Edvin Syren.

In 2010 they started the recordings of the long planned album series "Cry of Dereliction I-VII", where bass player Thedoros Kouelis, drummer Vangelis Kalamaras and guitarist Nils Einar Vinjor joined in as stable members of the band.

Cry of Dereliction Vol.I was released in February 2012, and Cry of Dereliction Vol.II in October 2013.

The band is currently working on Cry of Dereliction Vol.III

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