Autumn Whispers

"The leaves are changing colors just like your feelings my friend, from green to yellow and then dark red"




1. Fire and Ice

2. Nostalgia

3. Auguries of Innocence

4. A Bird Can't Fly

5. Walls

6. The Puppet's Monologue

7. Cry of Dereliction Pt.2

8. I Measure Every Grief I Meet

9. To a Child Dancing in the Wind

10. The Jamsin

11. Autumn

Cry of Dereliction Vol.II


"End of 2013 sees the return of the crossover prog band Autumn Whispers. With a second volume follow-up to the original debut "Cry of Dereliction" album and once again it's a mix sure to interest fans of the melodic song-writing end of progressive rock. It's another pleasing collection of Mercury rev-like indie/psych rock, haunting ballads and atmospheric rock, and they even get a chance to stretch their prog muscles with a 13 minute piece. Tirill, Dino, Liew along with additional guests have crafted an ambitious song driven collection of grown up rock and dream pop, with an emphasis on soul-examing lyrics to ponder and find a personal connection with. Also, Tron friends, should know that the whole thing is dipped in Mellotron majesty!

Cry of Dereliction Vol.II desplays even more variety than the great debut, showcasing a band refining and perfecting their sound, really gelling and offering a seamless blend of styles of interest to fans of prog, psych, indie/alt and exciting adult rock music."


Aussie Byrd Brother - Prog Archives



1. The Awakening/ Streamin Sunbeams

2. Julia

3. The Lily

4. The Garden of Love

5. Out of the Nest

6. Candlelight

7. Cry of Dereliction Pt.1

8. A Rose

9. Undying Love

10. The Dreamer

Cry of Dereliction Vol.I


"Dancing elves and pixies in a kaleidoscopic garden of ethereal beauty. The windrush in the hair, with a dancing bear, a cloudscape of dust, oh I wish it was thus..

My morning soliloguy of poets and artists, of dreamers and paganistic virtues. Upon a landscape of sweeping strokes, a sea full of swirling, cascading waves oscillating to an obsure degree, wilting under the perifonic mellifluous of twine and whistle, permeating our eardrums with an eloquence of cyclical meanderings that lead to our understanding. Very twee, don't you think? Kind of sums up the music on offer here. At best hints of Sky, Camel, Pink Floyd and King Crimson. At worst, very penurius left wing middle class tree hugging hippies who haven't moved on since, oh, I don't know, 1968? High on pentobarbitone sodium but able to peregrinate without walls or boundaries to subvert their existence.

This is extremely obscure borderline prog rock that will barely satisfy a handful of listeners. It is extremely nicely presented in a digi pack with Steffens' visual ideas interpreted by Kjersti Kaasen Elvevold but it's more a case of style over substance. "

Carl Buxton - Fireworks

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