"O poet, scattering the seed in man’s unplowed soil

Over time the vindication of your sentimental toil"


Autumn Whispers

Limited number of copies


Signed by the poet

Drops of Poetry Pt.I


Had I the slimmest chance to change the principle of orbits, I would place the moon at the center of the solar system

Because you look so beautiful in the moonlight...




Like a leaf on the wind

I define my life

The memory of rustling, a distant thing

I soar and drift, detached from life




Oh have a look at all those buildings

See how fast they increase in numbers, size and grayness

Just like the clouds in the sky

When it’s about to rain


Swan song


O swan!

Sum a lifetime’s silence and turn it into a song

Make death envy you and sing along

O swan!



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